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Top Quality Deck Railing in Colorado Springs

T&G Soffit

Timbers Diversified Wood Products is offering Woodtone RealSoffit for pre-finished, end matched soffit boards and Interfor for un-finished, end matched soffit boards.

Soffit Vendors:

Woodtone RealSoffit™

Woodtone RealSoffit is a factory pre-finished soffit product with unmatched quality appearance and time tested. Builder approved 100% renewable resource design flexibility. RealSoffit™ products are coated with our exclusive Hybrid Alkyd Emulsion™ (HAE™) or high quality semi-transparent stains, depending on the color selected. Utilizing enhanced flood coating technology,

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Interfor Soffit

With one of the broadest lumber product lines anywhere, we have you covered from framing right through to finishing. In fact, the potential end uses of our products are virtually limitless. Interfor's products are sourced from Interfor’s reliable, sustainable fiber supply and are of consistently high quality. Timbers are stocking un-finished, end matched soffit boards.

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